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Controversial 710 Tunnel Up for a Big Vote Today

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The Pasadena Star News reports that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority board will decide today whether to funnel funds towards environmental studies for the proposed 710 tunnel, which would essentially move the controversial project forward. But ironically, the project, which would connect the end of the 710 Freeway to the 210 Freeway via a 4.5 mile tunnel under South Pasadena, is is opposed by the head of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority board, Glendale Councilman Ara Najarian. More via the Glendale News Press: "The motion for the studies was brought by Duarte City Councilman and MTA Board member John Fasana, who has said the tunnel would create a "vital connection" for San Gabriel Valley residents.

But Najarian said Fasana's motion was premature, and is instead pushing an amendment that would first study all available solutions to the traffic congestion, including a tunnel, light rail and freight corridor improvements, and compare the cost benefits."
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