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Old Hollywood in Beachwood Canyon Has Rumors in the Walls

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"Rumored to be built by the infamous Howard Hughes," says the listing for this two bedroom, one and a half bathroom house. Oh Los Angeles, where everything built before 1970 had a contract at Paramount at one time or another. This one was built in 1923 and is right on Beachwood. It has "magnificent mythological lovers stone statues, also including a lion," and "Beautiful arched paned windows and French doors throughout, a Batchelder Fireplace, unique decorative pillars, small balconies, curved roof tiles, stucco exterior walls, flowering urns, and lots of natural greenery." Like yesterday's small West Hollywood house, the listing call this a pied-a-terre--is this a new trend? The house went on the market in February asking $1.15 million and has been scratched down to $989,000.
· 2236 North BEACHWOOD Dr [Redfin]

2236 N. Beachwood Dr., Los Angeles, CA