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ABC Now Plans to Throw Shit--And People--Off Much Smaller Building

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ABC will probably not be throwing game show prizes off of the 54 story Ritz-Marriott. In a press release today, the network said they'll shoot their show Downfall on the roof of a 10-story building in Downtown. Stuff probably doesn't even smash properly from that height, but they won't be dropping the real thing anyway. Here's the release: "Fabricated facsimiles of all prizes will be placed on the largest conveyor belt ever seen on TV, with a pile of cash at the end that ranges from $5,000 to $1 million. In each round, players will try to answer all the questions before their prizes and cash go over the edge, off the roof and crashing 100 feet to the street below." If players are having trouble, they can throw a personal possession or friend or family member up on the belt, and "this person risks going over the side of the building just like the previous prizes -- but in this case wearing a decelerator harness to soften the fall." One of the prizes is a grand piano, natch. [Pictured: the 10 story Higgins Building at Second and Main]
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