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Gatekeeper at The Century, Culver City Artwalk

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CENTURY CITY: "I'm Vince Clortho, Keymaster of Gozer. Are you the gatekeeper?" Yeah, the Century probably wouldn't let him in. But it looks like a gatekeeper position will soon be available at The Century. Developer Related Cos has been busy making a fancy and exclusive-looking entrance for their new tower. A mini round about, the entrance is located right off Avenue of the Stars. [Curbed Staff]

CULVER CITY: Big party in Culver City for the 5th Anniversary of Artwalk. On June 5th, the City of Culver City will present ARTWALK Culver City, a free self-guided tour of over 35 galleries and exhibition spaces. It takes place from noon to 8pm, and more information can be found via Culver City's official web site (it's down now, but will eventually work again). [Curbed InBox]

The Century

1 Century Dr., Century City, CA Visit Website