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Red Line Into Arts District and How About More Residential?

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Is that wonkily-named Cleantech Corridor finally getting off the ground? Amid news that the DWP is buying up space in the Arts District for a clean tech campus, an Urban Land Institute panel commissioned by the CRA spent last week studying the four mile stretch along the LA River Downtown and making a series of recommendations for creating a job-attracting district. The panel recommended less emphasis on big manufacturers and more on smaller, greener companies and fabricators, and suggested rezoning and creating a sustainable overlay zone. The group said the streets in the area should be improved immediately, but they also had a lot to say on rail--they suggested consolidating lines, putting freight on the east side of the river, and Amtrak and High-Speed rail (which'll go through the area) on the west side. They also want to see the Red Line extended and three stops added, at Fourth, Seventh, and Olympic, which according to blogdowntown, they say "would allow the area to support thousands of new residential units." The panel also suggested punching up the name a little, ditching Cleantech Corridor for Industrial Arts District.
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