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In Victory for City, Judges Overturn World Wide Rush Ruling*

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Breaking news in the legal tussle over billboards: Today a panel of judges sided with the city in its appeal in the World Wide Rush case, overturning a lower court ruling that deemed that the city can’t allow exceptions to where the graphics and billboards can go, ie, near Staples Center, but not in other areas. The judges also ruled that the lower court erred in concluding that the ban on supergraphics and off-site sign bans is unconstitutional. Last year, Sky Tag and other billboard companies were granted injunctions for supergraphics at numerous locations throughout the city. Today's ruling basically tosses out those signs, according to Dennis Hathaway, head of the Coalition to Ban Billboard Blight. "It means that all those signs, if they don't have a permit, are illegal." He also notes that this ruling essentially puts the city's billboard ban back to where it was in 2002. If they want to fight today's decision, the billboard companies can ask for a hearing in front of the entire circuit, according to Hathaway. More to come...UPDATE: Download the ruling via this link (pdf). UPDATE: Deputy City Atty. Michael Bostrom tells Curbed that the 150 locations that were protected under the injunction “no longer have protection.” "Every unpermitted location must come down,” he said. “The billboard industry is now on notice with this ruling.” UPDATE: Gary Mobley, attorney for SkyTag, didn't immediately return a call. KPCC's coverage, and LA Times coverage. Pictured: One of Skytag's protected buildings on Wilshire Blvd
· SkyTag Vs. City: Some Buildings Grandfathered in for Now [Curbed LA]