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Medallion's Lady Lumps Grow Grass, Web Site Launches

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These construction workers are talking about those grassy lumps
A few weeks ago, photos emerged of those ramps that run through the small public park located in the under construction Medallion, a new rental in the Old Bank District. Now, grass has been laid down on the ramps. It's unlike anything we've seen before--maybe it'll turn out to be a mini High Line for Los Angeles! Additionally, a bare bones web site has launched for Medallion, and the site gives a Grand Opening date of July 1st, with moves-in scheduled for July 4th. Originally, developer Saeed Farkhondehpour was pitching this as a building that was going to help Soho-ify the neighborhood. Look like they're sticking with that plan because here's the pitch of the web site: "The Medallion is a luxury apartment and retail oasis located in the "Old Bank District," a trendy loft community where cutting-edge design meets L.A.’s historic landmarks. Consisting of one square block between 3rd and 4th streets and Main to Los Angeles streets, SoHo has finally arrived in Los Angeles!"
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4th and Main Street, Los Angeles, CA