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LAPD HQ Park Still Looking Like a Downtown Boneyard

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The little park that came with the new LAPD headquarters continues to fall on hard times--only about eight months after it was unveiled to the public. As Blogdowntown first reported, the park was looking rough after a police gala in November where tents, trucks, and high heels marred the grass. In January, things got worse and the palm trees looked downright sad--the understanding was that the Police Foundation was going to gussy things up following the party. Today? Still, the lawn on 2nd Street is a brown-looking lot. Scott Baker, a principal of landscape firm Meléndrez, the firm that did the park, writes in an email: "We too have found the lack of upkeep for the entire block somewhat discouraging. In a typical week, at least one person calls us to express their concern about either the park itself, or some other area which is in need of weeding."

More from his email: "We do know that when the lawn in the park, as well as the palms and some of the shrub planting was damaged by the tent that was temporarily installed, the Police Foundation took responsibility and indicated that they would remedy the problem. At one point they contacted us directly, mistakenly believing we were the contractor, in order to get a quote to make the repairs. We provided them with the name of the original landscape contractor. We have not heard anything further."

Meanwhile, dogs were spotted--with owners--on the lawn last night, so apparently the local canine population is getting some use out of the site.