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Restored Jones & Emmons Eichler House in Granada Hills

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Meanwhile, up in the county's only Eichler tract...this Jones & Emmons-designed A-frame comes on the market (that's A. Quincy Jones and Frederick Emmons). The listing says the five bedroom, two bathroom house has been restored and the cabinetry is original, but refinished. It adds: "Post & beam construction affords an open, spacious, floor plan. Public spaces open onto an atrium, as well as the back yard with mountain views, creating an uninterrupted flow from indoors to out. The formidable block fireplace also opens to the rear yard." Watch out for that formidable fireplace. According to Redfin, this Eichler last sold in 2007 for $660,000. Today it's asking $695,000.
· Eichler Home :: Jones & Emmons, Architects [Deasy/Penner]

12746 Jimeno Ave., Granada Hills, CA