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East LA's Golden Gate Theater Cleared for CVS Conversion

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Today the Board of Supervisors gave the ok to convert East LA's Golden Gate Theater, a 1927 Spanish baroque building, into a CVS, despite a push by some people to restore the theater and get it operating again. This is a battle that's been going for some time. More via the LA Times: "Supervisor Gloria Molina, whose district includes the theater, said that while the project would not restore the theater to its full glory, it was better than leaving the building vacant and dilapidated." One of the reasons people fought the CVS conversion is that the store can now sell alcohol. The Daily News reports there's a stipulation, however. "The county also mandates that no individual bottles or cans be sold and no more than 5 percent of the drug store be dedicated to the sale of alcohol."
· L.A. County supervisors back drugstore conversion for historic East L.A. theater [LA Times]
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