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Could Universal City Project Scare Away Local Production?

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This is an actual "only in LA" situation--the LA Times reports on concerns that Universal will hurt local production if it takes down and moves parts of its huge backlot to make way for the mega-mixed-use development it has in the works. According to the paper, Colonial Street, Desperate Housewives' Wisteria Lane, European Street, and the Bates Motel will all have to move, and the enormous Falls Lake gets the boot, pushed out by CGI. An NBC Universal rep tells the LAT "there would be more than enough room on the property to accommodate the needs of residents and filmmakers, noting that a hillside and park would provide a natural buffer." But no lesser than a Disney is fighting the project. Roy P. Disney, son of Roy E., is president of a group of local homeowners and neighborhood councils, and he says "They are going to have a community living on top of their production space, which is really a problem." The studio unveils a rebuilt New York on Thursday; the original quarter-mile area burned down two years ago. [Morgan Freeman and Jim Carrey on Falls Lake in Bruce Almighty]
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