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Competing LA-Vegas Train Emerges, But Union Pacific Breaks Up the Party

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It's an alphabet party. Image of the Z-Train
Over the weekend, the Vegas to LA train stories snowballed. First, a group backing the so-called Z-Train came out, and said that their Vegas to LA train idea was stolen by that Gap Band-playing X Train group. The Z-Train's motto: "Once Z-Train starts, Z-Excitement Never Stops," according to CBS2. Via their web site: "Set to make its debut during the 2011 Christmas season, Z-Train will offer six day a week regularly scheduled passenger train service between Los Angeles Union Station and the Las Vegas Strip." But----screech. Here comes the party patrol. "Concerned about growing publicity about the party trains, Union Pacific issued letters last week denying it has had any serious negotiation to allow either company to operate on its tracks.

Union Pacific also does not endorse and will not allow gambling on its tracks, Jerry Wilmoth, the railroad's general manager of network infrastructure, wrote in the letters."

It's not clear if the UP will allow drinking and dancing, but the founders of the X Trains are now saying they'll drop gambling if UP doesn't want it. No word yet from the Z train. If you're keeping score on the proposed LA to Vegas trains, there's now the Desert Express, the maglev, the two party trains, and the recently announced new LA-Vegas high-speed rail. As the California High Speed Rail blog, an independent blog, notes: "Somehow, almost out of nowhere, the Las Vegas to Southern California route has become one of the most popular locations for proposed high speed rail service. "
· 4 Plans Compete To Offer L.A.-Vegas Train Service [CBS2]