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A New Yorker Became Foursquare Mayor of Book Soup

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The LA Times posits that digitally stalking your friends in Los Angeles is a real pain in the ass. The idea is that sprawl and traffic thwart the usefulness of location-based social networking apps like Foursquare, MyTown, and Loopt (users check in and their friends are notified of their location). There's also rigid commuter patterns and the difficulty of social networking while driving (according to the article, "California's anti-texting law does not prohibit looking at apps...but you can't hold the device in your hand and you can't type on it."). But one CEO says the city craves these apps most of all, on account of the Angelenos' Crash-like alienation. The article presents a few solutions, like advance check-ins and an upcoming link-up for Ford dashboards. And then there's the most Hollywood use of all, via a Dolce Group exec: ""It's more 'I'm here' rather than 'come see me.'" By the way, the New Yorker in the article who became mayor of Book Soup has been unseated by a WeHoan.
· Is location-based social networking practical in spread-out Los Angeles? [LAT]