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Rick Caruso's Monorail Dreams, Possible Mayor Run

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A 2006 idea to put a monorail above Wilshire Blvd
One of the oft-mentioned, but usually discarded ideas for moving Angelenos around the city involves laying down a monorail system. One idea kicking around since at least 2006 involves a monorail system running above Wilshire Boulevard, for instance. In a Businessweek interview with Rick Caruso, the developer outs himself as a monorail fan: He makes a brief mention of his plan to put a "monorail along Interstate 10 from downtown Los Angeles" and says that it would go up faster than the Subway to the Sea. Additionally, the story has Caruso talking about running for Mayor. Via Bloomberg: “I’m leaning towards it” when Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is termed out in 2013, Caruso said. “I have to make a decision probably sometime next year.” Indeed! The chatter Curbed has heard is that Matt Middlebrook, VP of Government Relations for Caruso Affiliated, who worked under Mayor Hahn, is already putting together a team for Caruso's run. Perhaps Caruso will run on a monorail platform?
· L.A. Mall Maestro Caruso Eludes Slump, Considers Mayoral Run [BusinessWeek]