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Big Drama at City Hall Over Rent Hike Moratorium Delay*

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Updated* Photo via Bdoten. Her caption: "Protesters unwilling to leave chambers after rent moratorium item is sent back to committee"
What an afternoon! A tipster watching the proceedings at City Hall this afternoon reports that there was plenty of demonstrating after the City Council opted not to pass that proposed rent moratorium, and instead sent it back to committee. Tenants--who wanted to see the moratorium passed--were upset at the Council's move, and demonstrated in the chambers. Because the crowd couldn't be controlled, the City Council opted to get up and leave the room." When you can't get people to go away, you go away," says our tipster of the commotion. The move today kicks the ordinance back to the Housing, Community and Economic Development Committee, which voted last month 3-1 to bar owners of rent-controlled buildings from raising rents for four months. Renters groups say the freeze is necessary because people in rent-controlled buildings could see their rent go up by 3%, but landlords say moratorium would make it difficult for them to pay for repairs and upkeep, and also devalues their properties. UPDATE: The Los Angeles Times reports that at least three people were arrested, officials said.
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