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Descanso Gardens Going Less Green With Water-Saving Overhaul

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La Cañada-Flintridge's 150 acre Descanso Gardens is planning a major overhaul to drastically reduce its water usage, reports the LA Times. Some lawn has already been replaced with a food garden, and the eucalyptus and redwoods in the gardens' parkway will soon be replaced by native and Mediterranean plants. The Gardens' oaks and camellias were not playing nicely together and will have to be separated--the camellia's thirst was rotting the oaks' roots. The plan also calls for locally-harvested water irrigation, stormwater capture, and self-sustaining solar power in a conceptual plan comes from Portico Group, which is also working on the LA Zoo's elephant habitat. It's expected to cut water use for Descanso from nearly 25 million gallons to about 19 million. Funding isn't in place, but the garden does have the money set for a new gallery and exhibition space, as reported last summer.
· The Dry Garden: Descanso Gardens overhaul ?has water conservation at its core [LAT]