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Arcadia Backs Caruso, Pushes for Santa Anita Shops

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Arcadia is lining up behind developer Rick Caruso, according to the Pasadena Star News, reporting that city officials sent what's being called a "strongly worded" letter to Frank Stronach, asking the Canadian businessman to see the Caruso's Shops at Santa Anita deal through. Santa Anita ownership was shuffled around following bankruptcy proceedings, and the future of Caruso's proposed project is entirely unclear. More via the Pasadena Star News: "Last month MID's Dennis Mills, the company's vice chairman and CEO, said the 1997 deal with Caruso to create the 800,000-square foot Shops at Santa Anita would be re-examined because it didn't generate "a proper return."

Caruso, who developed The Grove marketplace in Los Angeles, said Tuesday that he is scheduled to meet with MID officials "soon" to discuss the project's future.

"A meeting has been scheduled," with MID, he said. "I'm grateful to the Council for their support."

According to the Pasadena Star-News, city councilmen are also scrambling to meet with MID officials, who've already voided their lease with both Caruso and the Oak Tree Racing Association, which runs the fall meet at Santa Anita.
· Arcadia warns Stronach of 'major disappointment' if Shops project dies [Pasadena Star News]