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Birthplace of In-N-Out Burger Now Looks to Ban Drive-Thrus

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Baldwin Park, birthplace of the In-N-Out Burger, wants to stop the spread of drive-thrus: Banks, burger joints and more, reports the San Gabriel Valley Tribune. "Concerns over traffic, air pollution from car exhaust, healthy food choices and the type of businesses the city wants to attract all played a role" in a proposed moratorium, according to the paper. Councilman Ricardo Pacheco tells the paper its his hope that putting a ban on drive-thrus will make the area more pedestrian-friendly. Of course, the restaurant industry isn't happy, and like everyone else, they're playing the jobs card, questioning the timing of this move when unemployment numbers are low. California Restaurant Association spokesman Daniel Conway tells the paper: "If you're trying to ban drive-throughs one day, what's next on your list?" Perhaps next on their list will be spokesmen named Daniel. Meanwhile, the Official In-N-Out Burger website has more the history of the restaurant: In 1948, Harry and Esther Snyder founded the first burger shops in Baldwin Park. "Harry's idea of a drive-thru hamburger stand where customers could order through a two-way speaker box was quite unique. In that era, it was common to see carhops serving those who wanted to order food from their car." According to Wikipedia, that original In-N-Out was demolished to make way for the 10 freeway.
· Baldwin Park, home of first In-N-Out Burger, considers moratorium on drive-through business [SGVT]