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Pasadena's Old Constance Hotel Gets Some Federal Facelift Funds

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Constance Hotel then and planned via Park Place Commercial

Last week the Pasadena City Council tentatively tossed $11.1 million in federal stimulus funds at a plan to bring East Colorado's Constance Hotel back to life, reports the Pasadena Star-News. The hotel is part of a $76 million mixed-use plan being developed by Park Place Commercial that also includes a new seven story retail and office building, the renovation of existing shops, and a 653 space subterranean garage. The currently empty Constance, built in 1926, would be restored and turned into a 156 room boutique hotel with five residences, according to the funding report considered by the city council. The city is working on an environmental impact report, and the developer has to break ground by the end of the year to keep the millions. A rep for Park Place tells the PSN they hope to finish the hotel renovation by late 2011 and the rest of the project by 2013.
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