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South Pas Trying to Get Fair Oaks Ave. Project Back Off the Ground

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South Pasadena is still working to make it happen for their downtown. The city is looking for a new developer for a mixed-use project on Fair Oaks Ave. that had previously died in the water. The Pasadena Star-News reports that "In 2005, a developer agreed to complete the project, but when the economy collapsed in 2008, the developer abandoned the job." On the flipside of the collapsed economy, officials want to build quickly to take advantage of low construction costs. Some residents don't want to build at all, however, citing nearby vacancies, and a former city councilmember has appealed the project's permit extensions. The appeal will be heard by the city council in June. The project on the table includes a "total of 60 condominiums as well as retail and commercial space and an underground garage."
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