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Deadly Herpes Strain Suspected at Echo Park Lake

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Eastsider LA is reporting that 200 dead fish have been fished out of Echo Park Lake this week amid speculation from an official at the Department of Fish & Game that the "fish might be suffering from a carp or koi herpes." Good lord. This follows the great case of gonorrhea found in New York's Gowanus Canal a few years back. Anyway, other than the part about being deadly, fish herpes is a lot like human herpes: Once exposed, the fish is always a carrier and there is no known cure for koi herpes, according to this article. Fortunately, the disease can't spread to humans or other fish. Still, if you're out late at the Short Stop, and a carp asks you to go home with him, safe sex, everyone!
· More fish are being caught dead than alive at Echo Park Lake [Eastsider LA]