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Los Angeles: Take Our LA/Ontario International Airport, Please*

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Ontario officials might want LA/Ontario International Airport back, and the Los Angeles City Council might be interested in unloading it. Toward the end of a marathon budget meeting Monday, the council ordered Los Angeles World Airports and the city administrative officer to check out whether LAWA, which has operated LA/Ontario since 1967, can sell the airport back to Ontario. Any profits, however, stay with LAWA, which has a separate budget from down and out Los Angeles. LA/Ontario has not been weathering the recession well, and its traffic has fallen off *from 7.2 million at its peak in 2007 to 4.88 million in 2009. Still, Ontario is willing to take it off LA's hands; the city councilmember who serves as the liaison to LAWA told the Daily Breeze, "We want LAWA to pay more attention to Ontario airport or consider giving control back to us so we can control our own economic destiny." He says if they get the airport back they'll reduce airline fees and rents, which we reported in October are crazy high. The report on the airline fire sale is due back in September. [Image via Discover Los Angeles]
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