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Hancock Lofts Check, Hollywood/Western Streetscape Plan

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WEST HOLLYWOOD: Of the 10 units that sold at that Hancock Lofts auction in West Hollywood a month ago, how many are closing? We caught up with one of the original bidders, John Smith, who said he dropped out after being asked to pay $182,000 more on his winning bid of $618,000 on a two-bedroom. "We are very disappointed with this whole process," he writes in an email. Another real estate agent, who asked to remain anonymous, tells us his client dropped out after being asked to pay 30 percent more. Let's hope other bidders had better luck. Onward, Hancock Lofts. [Curbed Staff]

HOLLYWOOD: City Councilman Eric Garcetti's office is holding a meeting to discuss streetscape plans for the area around Hollywood and Western--and your input is needed. The meeting takes place at 1370 N. St. Andrews Place next Thursday, May 27, 6:30 - 8:00 pm. [Curbed InBox]