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Bad Seats Trashed in Pasadena's Rose Bowl Renovation Plan

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HOK conceptual drawing via the 2005 environmental impact report. A supplement came out in 2008.

The Rose Bowl held an open house over the weekend to show off plans for its fast approaching renovation. According to the Pasadena Star-News, "The plan calls for enlarging pedestrian tunnels, doubling the number of aisles between the seating areas, adding some luxury seats and removing some general admission seats. Crews would also build four new private clubhouses, install a huge new high-definition monitor and restore the stadium's current field to its original oval shape." The aisle and tunnel expansions are supposed to cut down on time getting into the stadium, but once inside, seats will be scarcer--overall there will be 4,000 fewer in the updated stadium (seating capacity is currently about 90,000). However, the paper says that "A majority of the regular seats that will be removed have bad viewing angles to the field and are seldom sold by the Rose Bowl's two principal clients, UCLA and the Tournament of Roses." The renovations are expected to cost nearly $170 million, with funding coming from bonds. The Pasadena City Council votes on the plans next week, and construction is expected to start in January 2011 and finish up in time for the one hundredth Rose Bowl, in 2014.
· Rose Bowl event showcases stadium renovation plan [PSN]

Rose Bowl

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