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City Council Weighs in on Budget, Billboards, Parking Garages

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The LA Times covers yesterday's budget cuts, reporting that the city council voted to slash 761 positions, a move that will "eliminate dozens of child-care positions, reducing library hours and drastically scaling back the number of trees that will be trimmed." Additionally, some city employees will see 16 and 26 furlough days. Additionally, the city council approved City Councilman Herb Wesson's proposal for a tax on billboards to go up for a November ballot. Wesson's push for a tax on billboards is interesting given that he's been historically pro-billboard in his district. Meanwhile, some "city fees will rise per yesterday's vote: $5 for animal licenses and $15 for late parking fine," according to the paper. And on to the interesting parking garage situation: "The council decided to rely, at least tentatively, on [the Mayor's] plan for deriving tens of millions from a plan to lease 10 public parking garages. Although Villaraigosa pinned his hopes on generating $53 million for the budget from that initiative, the money would not arrive until Oct. 1 at the earliest.

If that money does not materialize, the council would need to reduce the payroll by another 1,000 positions, officials said."
· Divided L.A. council votes to eliminate 761 positions while seeking concessions from unions [LA Times]