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Subway to Sea Meeting Brings Century City Stop Chatter, Payouts

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The Daily News covers tonight's meeting on the Subway to the Sea, reporting that (as anticipated) Metro officials are considering a subway stop in Century City, a move that would see the subway shoot off Wilshire Boulevard before curving back. "Those bends would mean tunneling under residences near Beverly Hills neighborhoods west of Century City and near the Mormon Temple, and under houses and high-rise condos in Westwood, according to Metro.

Property owners will be paid if the subway tunnel is built under their land, Metro officials said." According to the paper, the tunnel would be at least 20 feet underground, but the News doesn't elaborate on how much homeowners would be paid. And more: "Metro is also studying two potential subway segments that are not yet funded, including extending the subway west under Wilshire to downtown Santa Monica.

The other unfunded option is a branch that would split from the main line under Beverly Hills and curve north to the Beverly Center area, West Hollywood and connect to the Red Line in downtown Hollywood.

The Metro board is expected to make a final recommendation next fall."
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