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LA's Latest Logo: Jumbled Gang Sign or Curvy Clouds?

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Good magazine directed us to this neat contest being put on by a website called CitID--designers, or anyone with photoshop, is being asked to create a logo for their city. "CitID is a ambitious project aiming to gain global consciousness by giving a (type)face to every city worldwide; big or small, rich or poor, famous or infamous, well-known or unheard-of," reads the website. "Our hope is that creatives from around the globe will make a logo or a visual interpretation of the city closest to their heart. The universal goal is that every city ultimately gets their own identity on CitID." Los Angeles has one offering from a man named David Croy; it's curvy like our freeways and pretty ladies. Our omnipresent blue sky is also visible behind the sexy letters.

Not bad, there are certainly worse, though Singapore (anime-ish top image) and Bristol, UK (Brit dinosaur) seem mighty inspired.
· CitID [Official Site]
· Good [Twitter]