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Twenty-Story Microphones and Radios Proposed For Hollywood

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[Rendering via A/N]

More tall towers for Hollywood? Just down the street from the proposed 28-story Columbia Square and catty corner to the 15-story W complex, Ametron Electronics wants to put up a 20-story mixed-use headquarters on the site of its current offices on Argyle Avenue. Ametron, a film production equipment supplier, is proposing 12 stories of office space (for themselves and other entertainment-related businesses), seven stories of parking with 770 spaces, and about 50,000 square feet of retail (for themselves and some neighborhood uses).

But it sounds like this is all in the beginning stages: Owner Fred Rosenthal tells Curbed that Ametron is talking to developers about a collaboration. And there are no entitlements yet. The building's architect, Joey Shimoda, tells the Architect's Newspaper that the "inspiration for its form is...Rosenthal’s collection of sleek vintage microphones and radios." The project will have a small moat around it with bridges to the storefronts, and what can top even a moat? Shimoda also tells AN: "We were also interested in creating a something that is not a billboard backdrop."
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