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Inglewood's Hollywood Park Tomorrow Could Swallow Up the Forum

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The Hollywood Park Tomorrow plan, which would turn Inglewood's Hollywood Park racetrack into 238 acres of housing, hotel, retail, and office space, could be eating up even more of the city's former sporting venues. According to the South Los Angeles Report, city officials and the church that owns the Forum want the arena incorporated into the Hollywood Park plan. City Councilman Daniel Tabor tells the Report "The Forum sits on a high-traffic corner that could be the northern end of a commercial, office and retail development on par with Century City." Hollywood Park Tomorrow developer Wilson Meany Sullivan is also interested in a 66 acre Wal-Mart-owned property that sits between the racetrack and the Forum. The Report says that Inglewood voters shot down a Wal-Mart Supercenter in 2004 and the land has "been on and off the market for several years," but WMS's project manager tells them the asking price is "not realistic for us to consider at this time." While the Hollywood Park project is supposed to be completed in 2016, there's no timeline for adding the Forum into the mix.
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