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Team Kilroy Lobs a Staples Grenade at Team Bundy

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The fight over Bundy Village, that medical plaza proposed for Olympic Boulevard and Bundy Drive, is no ordinary development fight. Because usually these battles follow the same old script: Wealthy developer versus scrappy group of homeowners (and perhaps a few preservationists). In the case of Bundy Village, developer Kilroy Realty, which owns property in the area and wants the project downsized, has gotten behind the homeowners. Which means that both sides have a lot of money to throw at the battle. Which also means: More fun for everyone watching! A few weeks ago, Team Bundy sent out some fliers, trying to drum up support for the project. But hey-ho, Team Kilroy sent out its own fliers last week. The fliers compare Bundy Village to Staples Center, and claim the two buildings are roughly the same in terms of size (1 million square feet). Look at all those crowded houses! And the detail on the roof of the Staples Center. Nice touch. Team Kilroy wins this round.

Another piece of the flier. Notice scary and random capitalization below.: