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Cute Animals Sent to Check Dangers of Former Nuclear Site

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First kids, and now animals are taking the weight of the Santa Susana Field Laboratory mess on their shoulders. Earlier this year local teenagers held a bake sale to encourage the clean- up of a former nuclear testing ground in Ventura County. This week, the Environmental Protection Agency sent Sarah and Little Kate on a press junket ahead of their 18 month gig hauling testing equipment for a radiological survey of 500 acres around "Area IV, once used primarily for nuclear reactor experiments," reports the Daily News. There was a partial meltdown of one reactor in 1959. The mules will spend their days carrying "a gamma scanner weighing more than 200 pounds, equipped with sodium iodide crystals that will register gamma energy emitted by radioactive material such as uranium." [Pictured: Little Kate and the Santa Susana Field Laboratory]
· EPA introduces mules for testing Santa Susana site [Daily News]