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Long-Stalled Marlton Square in Crenshaw Still Entirely Stalled

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In a LA Times story about the planned renovation of Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza, there's mention of the Marlton Square mixed-use complex, also known as Santa Barbara Plaza, which stopped work in 2008. According to the Times, city officials are trying get control of the property, and [developer] Capri, the same developer behind the Crenshaw Plaza, "hopes to be the next developer to step in if the city approves," according to the Times. A Community Redevelopment project, the developer was backed by Capital Vision Equities (CVE), and Jeff Lee of Lee Homes. Last year, the Los Angeles Sentinel reported on bankruptcy and litigation issues related to the project, while a 2008 video provide a pleasant drive-by tour. Blighty! Maybe that RV wants to head to Venice. Via LA Sentinel
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