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SPF:a Renting Out Unit in Culver City's MODAA Lofts*

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So says the listing: "The double-wide loft, originally designed as a home for its world-renowned architects, has just come up for lease. The building is a well-known architectural icon, and this unit is the absolute nicest space in the building." The 4,000 square foot live/work unit is in the SPF:architects-designed MODAA building, which has SPF:a offices, the SPF:a Gallery, and the *Sublime Food Lounge on the ground floor. It comes unfurnished and has three offices/bedrooms, four bathrooms, and not one, but two roof decks. Rent is $10,000 a month, with underground parking on top of that at $100 a space. Don't let anyone tell you it doesn't cost to live/work like an architect.
· 4000ft² - Prime Live/Work Space - Award winning architecture (Culver City) [Craigslist]