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New Disney Building Part of San Fernando Corridor Makeover

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The new six-story planned for Disney
The Glendale New Press reported this week that the City Council has approved a 338,000-square-foot expansion to Walt Disney Co.’ 125-acre campus, all part of an ongoing redevelopment of the area. And the six-story building, six-story parking garage with solar panels, new signage, and landscaping isn't just for those Disney bee workers--this expansion is for you too, locals. Via the GNP: "“This project will not only enable the physical transformation of the San Fernando Road corridor, but will also provide fiscal benefits that will contribute to the vitality [of the area],” said Neil Jurgens, vice president of design and delivery for Disney." According to the paper, the city has been preparing for the expansion by building a $44-million bridge from the 134 Freeway Fairmont Avenue offramp to Flower Streets. Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, Arup and SWA Group are all behind the expansion of the site, which also houses KABC-TV.
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