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Venice Group Seems to Be Winning in RV Fight (At Least This Week)

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The Argonaut has more details on that tentative settlement between the Coastal Commission and Venice residents. The latter group sued after the commission essentially opted not to issue parking permits last June, a move that would have reined in all those RVs that park along Venice streets. The settlement could allow residents to eventually have overnight parking rule on various blocks, essentially creating the very zoning that some Venice residents had tried to push through last year. Additionally, as part of the settlement, Assemblyman Ted Lieu dropped that bill that challenged the commission over their jurisdiction over parking rules. Via the Argonaut: "[Mark Ryavec, Venice Stakeholders Association president] said his association entered the settlement because it will help achieve its goal of enabling residents to eventually seek restrictions on their streets. He stressed that the lawsuit did not challenge the entire jurisdiction of the commission in the coastal zone but only concerned the city’s right to limit parking between 2 and 6 a.m.

“I think we turned the corner,” Ryavec said in regards to the tentative deal. “We wouldn’t have agreed to it if it didn’t give us the tools we need to put up these kinds of restrictions on our blocks.”

As one of the conditions of the proposed deal, state Assemblyman Ted Lieu said he dropped Assembly Bill 2228, which stated that the City of Los Angeles would not have to receive the approval of the Coastal Commission to establish parking restrictions on public streets in the coastal zone between 2 and 5 a.m. Lieu argued that the city should be the one to decide how best to deal with concerns of RVs parking on its streets for extended periods and not the statewide agency."
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