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Stately Echo Park Home Turned Into Theater of the Absurd

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Those crazy kids in North Central: local actors and spouses Celeste Den and Chad Christopher are inviting audiences into their 90-year-old Echo Park home on Laveta Terrace for performances of their new work/performance art piece, reports The Eastsider LA. The piece, second, is described as a dark comedy that takes place in "3 different rooms of the house - the living room, dining room, and the bedroom (to represent a brownstone, a tenement, and a hotel room, respectively). All 3 scenes now happen separately but simultaneously - connected by the text and by live camera feeds into the other rooms." Money restrictions prevented the couple's theater company from renting out a traditional space. Den tells The Eastsider LA, "Fortunately my husband and I have a nice size house with not a whole lot of furniture." You got until the 29th to see the show and judge their decorating.
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