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Lisa Marie Calls on Michael Jackson Fans to Fill Forest Lawn With Sunflowers

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Holly Terrace via Zimbio

In case you don't read Lisa Marie Presley's MySpace page, Dlisted reports she's asking Michael Jackson's fans to send silk sunflowers to cover his Glendale resting place. MJ is buried in the Holly Terrace in Forest Lawn's Great Mausoleum (Presley calls it the "Holy Terrace"). In a letter on her MySpace page, she writes that "his favorite flower was the Sunflower. They made him happy because they looked happy to him, thus, he called them 'The Happy Flower'." She calls on fans to buy one silk sunflower each and send it to Forest Lawn in order to create "a sun shower." "He deserves to be flooded and surrounded...LETS SURROUND HIM!" Awww.

Time profiled the Great Mausoleum back when MJ was buried, saying "It is, in its way, a kind of necrological version of his Neverland, filled with Hollywood pomp, kitsch and idiosyncrasy: rolling hills; art so classic, it's almost camp; and an impressive collection of the relics of the famous dead. But above all, Michael Joseph Jackson's family will take comfort in knowing that their often reclusive son will probably be undisturbed by prying fans and press...Family members and plot holders must pass through guards or security camera–manned doors in order to visit loved ones in the structure. Curious wandering is forbidden."
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