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Anjelica Huston Lists Her Famous Venice Fortress

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Via Flicker user Name on Rice
Fair to say that this listing will be the talk among Venice residents tonight. Actress Anjelica Huston is asking $18 million for her Windward Avenue home, a very recognizable residence for those who live in the neighborhood. The home--actually it's two different buildings--was built by her late husband, sculptor Robert Graham, and his son. Local designers Studio Vass have an interesting break-down on the process of building the studio part of the residence, while Architectural Digest has a look inside the home itself (there's even a pool tucked inside that compound).
And in an interview with V Magazine, Huston referred to the home as the "The Fortress." Excerpt: "Well, when I first decided to get married to my husband, Robert Graham—he’s a sculptor and had been living in Venice for many years—I was living in Beverly Hills. I was staying with him part of the time and it was right around the time of the L.A. riots, which was kind of a tough time in Los Angeles, particularly in the urban areas. So, when we decided to get married and live together, given that he wanted to stay in Venice, it just seemed appropriate that we build a house that was kind of like a fortress—at least on the outside.We’d been to Oaxaca for our honeymoon and stayed in a hotel that used to be a convent, so that was kind of my inspiration. It’s a very Roman sort of idea?living behind a huge wall, but inside having a beautiful garden."

It may have been a fortress, but the home still sits among Venice's busiest intersections, and is surrounded by bars and restaurants. In 2008, months before Graham's death, the couple fought a proposed concert series on the boardwalk of Venice, joining locals who worried about the anticipated noise and crowds.

The listing, which touts that home's appearance in Architectural Digest, isn't on the Multiple Listing Service. David and Jennifer Thind at Coldwell Banker Commercial WESTMAC have the listing.