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State's Ability to Seize Development Funds May Be Decided by Voters

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When the going gets tough, the tough put things up for a vote. The Sacramento Bee drops the news that the California Redevelopment Association, the League of California Cities and the California Special Districts Association, are looking to put a measure on the ballot this November that would block the state from raiding local development funds. Last week, a judge upheld a decision to allow to the transfer of $1.7 billion (updated: $350 million slated to come later*) to the state's general fund. According to John Shirey, the association's executive director, the state has taken funds on nine previous occasions, and he argues that the redevelopment work helps create more jobs, but more development funds will be redirected next year. Others says there is nowhere else to get the money. Via the Bee: "In the upcoming budget, we're planning the second part of the (redevelopment) shift of $350 million," said Michael Cohen, deputy legislative analyst with the nonpartisan Legislative Analyst's Office. "If redevelopment is not part of the solution, he said, "where else are you going to find it?"
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