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Dick Van Dyke Lights the Hollywoodland 3D

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Lit sign via; Van Dyke courtesy Demand Z Content

Why, it's yet another loving tribute to the Hollywood Sign. Earlier this month, the Malibu Film Festival screened the short film The Caretaker 3D, starring Dick Van Dyke as "the mystical handyman whose job it is to replace the light bulbs that once illuminated the HOLLYWOODLAND sign." According to a press release, "The Caretaker 3D was produced as a tribute to the role of the Hollywood Sign Trust as the custodians of the Global Icon, and is based on 1930's legend of a caretaker who lived behind the letter 'L' of the famous landmark." says (link goes to a pdf) a caretaker named Albert Gothe lived in "a nearby cabin" and changed the 4,000 bulbs that lit up the sign ("At night the Sign blinked into the Hollywood night: first "Holly" then "wood" and finally "land," punctuated by a giant period."). The lights went off in 1939.
· The Caretaker 3D [IMDb]