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Summit on Sixth Mystery Solved, Downtowners Still Talking Target

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KOREATOWN: We've been flummoxed regarding the status of Summit on Sixth, a 12-story office tower recently remade into condos (pictured), but a press release verifies that the sales office reopens on May 22 and that "seventy eight of the 96 units remain to be sold." Prices are expected to be in the mid $300,000s to the low $700,000s, and Kennedy Wilson has taken over sales from whatever company couldn't sell those units. But it's Kennedy Wilson's regular division, not their auction dept, so don't show up to the sales office with a paddle. [Curbed Staff]

DOWNTOWN: A reader believes signs may be pointing to Target filling in the old Macy's space in the 7th & Fig mall: "For over a year, the Downtown News reported that the mall was being redone, and earlier this year reported that Target was close to inking a lease. One issue holding things up was direct access to the parking garage. On a recent visit, I noticed that the lower level of the mall now has direct access to the parking structure in back of the mall. And the mall is about 75% vacant." UPDATE: This is old news, according to commenters. In a financial filing in January, Target stated it planned to open fewer than 10 new locations in 2010. Oh will you be one of those locations, Macy's? [Curbed InBox]