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Studio City Wants to Ditch Golf Balls for Wetlands

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While it doesn't sound like they even have the $80 million needed to buy the property, a group in Studio City is angling to turn the Weddington Golf & Tennis club into parkland. The owner of the Golf & Tennis club has eventual plans to add 200 condominiums for seniors at the club located at 4141 Whitsett Ave but the Studio City group "Save LA River Open Space" wants to make a natural wetland habitat out of the area, according to the Daily News. Via the paper: "The park proposal has won growing support from residents and elected officials, but opposition from local business groups.

A $50,000 feasibility study, funded by the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, is slated to be released next month. Preliminary studies say the proposed creek bed would capture and treat 11-acre-feet of runoff from 200 surrounding acres....Proponents say they hope to tap into state and federal bond pools, and a consortium of private sources, to pay for the wetlands park.

They say if locals were able to save Ahmanson Ranch, as well as the more recent Hollywood sign, from development, they can save the historic Studio City Golf and Tennis." Guy Weddington McCreary, the owner of the golf club, tells the paper the group are basically nuts, planning a project on land they don't own. "If you pay us for the value of the property, we'll go," he says.
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