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Pasadena's Rose Bowl Would Like Very Much to Host World Cup

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The Pasadena Star News reports that US officials will head to Switzerland this week to try and sway World Cup officials that the game should be played at the Rose Bowl--or another US-area spot-- in either 2018 or 2022. Rose Bowl officials are pushing the fact that the facility, which has hosted two World Cups, is undergoing a $170 million renovation. Via the Pasadena Star News: "It would be wonderful to get the games back here," said Rose Bowl Operating Company General Manager Darryl Dunn said. But for now, the hopes of Pasadena and the U.S. soccer community are en route to Switzerland in two packing crates, filled with 30 five-volume sets of the official bid plus 94 4-inch binders containing contracts and copies.

Those 1,940 pounds of documents will be handed over Friday to FIFA president Sepp Blatter ahead of the Dec. 2 vote that determine whether the World Cup returns."

According to the paper, Dunn will head to New York in September to lobby for Pasadena's Rose Bowl this fall. If the city lands the games, someone tell footie-bashing actor Mark Walhberg that he's not invited to the bowl. Via Flicker use Joe Merchant
· Rose Bowl taking initial step towards possible World Cup game hosting [Pasadena Star News]

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