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New Medical Plaza Coming to Santa Monica, No Pitchforks Out Yet

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Perhaps the news of this medical facility will be seized by the anti-Bundy Village crowd as part of an argument why Bundy Village isn't needed. In fact, if they don't seize this bit of news--even if it's relevant or not--we'll be disappointed. According to the fine people at Rentv, a group called Sixteenth Street Medical Center LP has closed on a $28.7 million construction loan for three-story 50,000 square foot medical building at 1223 16th St in Santa Monica that'll serve as an outpatient UCLA building for surgery. The loan was arranged by LA-based George Smith Partners, and Santa Monica-based Michael W. Folonis Architects is behind the project, which is rendered in all of its medical drama above. According to an older story, the building is being developed by Randall Miller, principal of Nautilus Group Inc, who bought the land two years ago.
· Construction of Santa Monica Medical Building for UCLA Set to Start [Rentv]