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View-Saving Ordinance Considered in Rolling Hills Estates

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This is news that'll horrify the Treesavers Group, who'll probably want to cover their ears about now. But the Daily Breeze reports that Rolling Hills Estates is set to vote on what's being politely being called a "view-restoration ordinance." Or, in other words, it's a "you can demand your neighbor chop down one of their trees ordinance." Via the Breeze: "The 18-page ordinance would create a process for residents to pursue "view equity" or "sunlight access" in relation to trees causing an "unreasonable obstruction" on properties within 500 feet of the home owned by the person seeking the view. And from the ordinance itself: "A view seeker who believes that a tree or vegetation which has grown on another person’s property has caused unreasonable obstruction of view equity and/or sunlight access from the view seeker’s property, shall first notify the tree/vegetation owner of such concerns." The ordinance seeks to allow neighbors to work it out through conversations, and if that fails, through litigation. According to the paper, the ordinance is similar to three other municipalities on the Palos Verdes Peninsula.
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