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Your LA to Vegas Party Train Will Start Rolling Next Year

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Renderings of the party train via the official site

A press release went out today regarding that LA to Vegas train. So, this is the maglev? No. The DesertXPress to Victorville? Nope. This is the briefly-mentioned-on-Curbed "X" train, which will travel on existing Union Pacific tracks between the two cities and start service by 2011, according to operators. The publicly-traded, Delaware-based Las Vegas Railway Express, Inc. already has executives, financial advisers, a purchased passenger railcar, and a website that plays Gap Band's "Party Train." This may be the best train in the world.

The trip will take five and a half hours (a traffic-less drive is four hours), include a stop in Fullerton, cost $99 roundtrip, and according to an April story in the Las Vegas Sun, feature party trains that include gambling and "a sports bar lounge in one of the cars and rooms and show tickets available for purchase onboard." The train, pictured on the site as having two floors, is being touted as offering a more reliable ride than Amtrak service between LA and Vegas, which was canceled in 1997 and often took over six hours because of freight traffic on the Union Pacific rails. The difference is that Las Vegas Railway Express is paying extra money for rail access allowing the "X" train priority over the freight trains.

And the video of "Party Train." But keep in mind the song will be stuck in your head for at least the next 24 hours.

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