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Thoroughly Imagineered by Disney Talent in Lake View Terrace

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Could this be a Disneyland testing ground? The two bedroom, two and three quarter bathroom house in Lake View Terrace was built in 1953, a year before the theme park began construction, and by a cadre of Disney's helpful woodland creatures, according to the listing: "Designed and built by Walt Disney Imagineer, Fred Joerger. Extensive use of Roman style sculptures created by Disney artist Walt Peregoy compliment the terraced pools and grottos. Elaborate hand painted ceilings by Disney artists Travis Johnson and Tyrus Wong." They've built in an inside waterfall and Koi pond, a hidden wine closet and china cabinet, and custom ceilings. But was it the Disney crew or later owners who decked out all the bathrooms in white marble? Snow White's Grotto 1.0 last sold in 1998 for $305,000, and it's asking $499,000 in Todayland.
· 11414 RUGGIERO Ave [Redfin]

11414 Ruggiero Ave., Los Angeles, CA