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Barker Block Happy Hour, Los Angeles' Little Italy

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Civilized loft living at Barker Block
DOWNTOWN: Somehow we forgot that Barker Block is still selling. Tomorrow they're holding a Happy Hour--go find out about that mysterious green tech campus going up across the street. We're wondering what architect will be hired to design the project. Via the InBox: "Barker Block invites you to start the weekend early and right tomorrow night. Join us for Happy Hour in our Sales Gallery from 6:00pm to 8:00pm." [Curbed InBox]

WESTWOOD: Where oh where is our Little Italy and our freshly made mozzarella. Not really happening in LA. But here's an upcoming related event: "While LA has the nation's 5th-largest Italian population today, little is known about its Italian history. In Los Angeles's Little Italy, author Marianna Gatto, curator of History and Education for the City of Los Angeles, chronicles the city's vibrant Italian enclave during the 100-year period following the arrival of the first Italian pioneer in 1827." She's reading from her book this Thursday at 6:30 at the Italian Institute. [Curbed InBox]