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Silver Lake Trader Joe's Grows, Parking Not So Much

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This is good or bad depending on how you look at it: the popular Silver Lake Trader Joe's on Hyperion Boulevard is in the midst of absorbing the adjacent and recently-shuttered Video Hut, reports the Franklin Avenue blog. When the expanded section opens in a few months, the store will be more in line size-wise with the TJs in Culver City and on Crescent Heights in West Hollywood. A skylight is visible in the construction pics, which seems like a nice touch. But no, there will not be additional parking. Franklin Avenue describes the dearth of current parking as "the charm of the Silver Lake location -- right? Right?" Curbed commenter Woolsey put it a bit differently in the post about TJs opening below the 1600 Vine apartments in Hollywood: "A demolition derby feels like a junior cotillion when compared to the average Trader Joe's parking lot." [Image via Franklin Avenue]
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