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SB Tower Tour Continues, Best Cheap Moving Company?

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DOWNTOWN: After checking out the mural at SB Tower (we've already ordered a velvet bedspread with the same image--meow!), we went upstairs and checked out the units. On the upside, lots of different styles to choose from; on the downside, the windows look a little funky--it's unclear if they were the original windows or not. Two different units are in the gallery, look around. The other SB renters in the bunch will have to weigh in on the differences seen in this building. [Curbed Inbox]

LOS ANGELES: Via the InBox, a plea from a broke mover. "Hey, Curbed, I'm moving from West Hollywood to Venice. Any suggestions on smaller, but reputable outfit in terms of moving companies? There was someone back in NYC, a guy with a bus, who had a good reputation, everyone had his number, can you suggest anyone/any company here?" [Curbed InBox]

600 spring, los angeles, ca